CM leads Kwong Wah Yit Poh 10km cycle

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi Pals,

The Pantai Merdeka 49km trail run on 22.11.09 was hell of a tough one. Our senior rider Mr Guan & youngster Chern Chie did it in a breeze of 1 hr 50 minutes! well done!
However the others did it quite good, following closely behind. (Soon, peng, mike) Whereas Big Bob & Lam had a difference liking for the coconut water, thus drop off to have their fair share of it by themselves! It was a wonderful cloudy day, but its quite taxing as we had not been ridding for the past weeks. Overall it was a good trip, Thanks to all participants.

Our next ride will be 29.11.09 and this time we are going for the longer trail to Pantai Merdeka again which is going to be somewhere around 65 to 70 km. C u all at 7am sharp sunday morning for those interested! thanks.

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